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Zero for Nasserists

Longtime Nasserist Party leader Diaaeddin Dawoud placed the blame for his electoral downfall everywhere but on himself, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

A different kind of fraternity

The Muslim Brotherhood seems to be gaining ground on university campuses as well. Mustafa El-Menshawy investigates

Very little for small fish

The nation’s smallest parties will probably sink even deeper into oblivion after the parliamentary polls are over, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

Related cases?

With links being made between the bombings in Taba and Sharm El-Sheikh, all eyes are on the trial of three suspects in last year’s blasts. Mustafa El-Menshawy reports from Ismailia

Echoes of ‘The Land’

Police face new allegations of torture in the village of Sarandu, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

Tough week for election press

Over the past few days, journalists have been assaulted, and prevented from doing their jobs. Mustafa El-Menshawy investigates

Who will win?

Although many would argue that President Hosni Mubarak — the ruling National Democratic Party nominee_will easily win this year’s presidential elections, candidates from 14 parties are nonetheless giving it a go. Mona El-Nahhas and Mustafa El-Menshawy speak to some of the hopefuls, assessing their chances, and providing glimpses into their electoral platforms

Growing anger at arrests

With thousands said to be still detained without charges in the post-Taba crackdown, the situation in Sinai remains tense, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

Missing the bus

Cairo traffic is out of control, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy, and the city’s largest public transport service is only making it worse

‘Baseless’ accusations

A group of Egyptian journalists are being trained on how to cover presidential elections in a fairer manner. Mustafa El-Menshawy joins them

Change in tactics

Gains made by the Muslim Brotherhood inspired the sudden change in election security tactics, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

Fall from grace

Prominent American Muslim leader Abdul-Rahman Al-Amoudi has been sentenced to 23 years in jail. Mustafa El-Menshawy gauges the reactions and potential consequences

Distressing reconnaissance

On a third-class train ride, Mustafa El-Menshawy observes the plight of the dispossessed

Sick and suspicious

The pan-Arab satellite television station Al-Jazeera rallies support for its one-time reporter Tayseer Allouni in spite of Spain’s refusal to let him off the hook, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

One step forward, two steps back

The latest Muslim-Christian dispute may have been peacefully defused, but Mustafa El-Menshawy, in Alexandria, senses tension in the air

Activists in a jam

With their access to media curtailed, and their plans to boycott the referendum derailed, human rights activists wonder what comes next. Mustafa El-Menshawy reports

Out of the loop

Iraqis in Egypt are distressed by their exclusion from Sunday’s national vote, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

Gruesome relationships?

Thugs killed two police officers last week in separate incidents less than 24 hours apart. Mustafa El-Menshawy investigates

Irrigating democracy

An EU funded farming project highlights cooperation, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

Hard times

Many Iraqis have fled their country to try and put their suffering behind them. But some of those who have taken refuge in Egypt told Mustafa El-Menshawy a bitter story

Home delivery exams

An outrageous new cheating scandal has rocked this year’s final secondary school results. Mustafa El-Menshawy investigates

Suicidal atmosphere?  

Mustafa El-Menshawy seeks out clues in the neighbourhood that last week’s attackers called home

The smell of it

Qena is the recipient of international environmental awards, yet the situation in Qous, one of the governorate’s better known towns, suggests a frightening disregard for the environment. Mustafa El-Menshawy investigates

Money talks as candidates walk

The lead up to this year’s polls featured a mix of both newer and more traditional methods of campaigning. Mustafa El-Menshawy reports

Louder and louder

The banned Muslim Brotherhood is gearing up for a greater role on university campuses, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

On the rebound

The port at Damietta is undergoing a large-scale transformation, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

Seeing red

The way the government has been dealing with the locust invasion has left the public angry and confused, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

New roads to Rome

A landmark agreement will allow thousands of Egyptians to legally migrate to Italy each year. Mustafa El-Menshawy reports

Rights groups interrogate Taba investigation

Human rights groups are charging that wide scale abuses were committed by police in North Sinai following the Taba bombings. Mustafa El-Menshawy reports

Controlling web extremism

There’s major controversy lurking in Islam’s corner of cyberspace, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

‘Mixed signals’

Cairo International Book Fair was not quite a beacon of free expression, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

Young accommodation

Friendly, inexpensive accommodation in an atmosphere conducive to cross-cultural socialisation? As Egyptian Youth Hostels prepare to celebrate their golden jubilee, Mustafa El-Menshawy investigates whether they fit the bill

Al-Manar in the dog house

Additional reporting by Mustafa El-Menshawy

Contaminated claims?

Has Egypt received contaminated blood from Britain? Mustafa El-Menshawy investigates

A free market warrior

Obituary: A free market warrior: Atef Sedqi (1930-2005)

EU gets into the funding game

The European Union [EU] has promised to fund groups monitoring the upcoming presidential elections, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

Low turnout?

Analysts wonder how many people will vote, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

Re-engineering religious education

Mustafa El-Menshawy reports on the controversy surrounding radical changes being planned for Al-Azhar’s educational system

Al-Jazeera steps into the lion’s den

Al-Jazeera is scheduled to launch an English language channel by the end of 2005 to reach out to a wider international audience, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

Fighting to be heard

Mustafa El-Menshawy talks to Dunia about the trials and travails of working outside the mainstream

Little matchbox, lots of spark

How Al-Jazeera helped usher in some of the on and off screen changes that took place in Egypt in 2005

Transparency at last?

The Sharm blasts tested Egypt’s crisis management expertise. Reem Nafie and Mustafa El-Menshawy monitor the government’s performance on the ground, in the air, and on TV

Live broadcast spurs Jazeera arrests

The government may have stopped Al-Jazeera from broadcasting last week’s Judges’ Club meeting, but detaining eight of the channels’ employees did not get it much good press, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

‘Free them’

Dozens of women in Arish took to the streets after Friday prayers demanding the release of their relatives rounded up after the October bombings in the Red Sea resort of Taba, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

Too early to tell

Gauging reactions after the attack, Al-Ahram Weekly finds resilient tourists and uncertain shopkeepers at Al-Azhar Bazaar where the blast took place

Locusts again

Locusts were observed over Cairo on Monday for the second time in two weeks, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy. Agriculture Minister Ahmed El-Leithi, meanwhile, admitted that the voracious insects could invade the country in large numbers in May and June.

The view from the bottom 

The dismal showing of the seven lowest-ranking candidates did not dampen their enthusiasm for the process, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy

‘I blame the passengers’

Interview by Mustafa El-Menshawy

Testimonies: Palestine

Compiled by Mustafa El-Menshawy

‘Expecting the worst’

Interview by Mustafa El-Menshawy

Globalism and film

Interview by Mustafa El-Menshawy


Reporting by Mustafa El-Menshawy

Palestine timeline 2004

Compiled by Mustafa El-Menshawy

Getting used to the idea of oversight 

Additional reporting by Mustafa El-Menshawy

Victim mentality criticised

By Mustafa El-Menshawy

‘All-out war’

Despite official statements downplaying the hazards, swarms of locusts are making their way across the country and have in fact reached the capital. Mustafa El-Minshawy follows the invasion

Campaigns co-opt media insiders

Mustafa El-Minshawy looks at the debate surrounding journalists participating in the various presidential candidates’ election campaigns


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